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June, 27th 2009

So, when will some American distributor begin releasing the Laurel and Hardy shorts/features individually or in boxed sets. I know you can get them in Europe. What U.S. studio owns the rights? And who could we barrage with e-mails to get them to consider releasing The Boys on DVD.
Thank you.

Bob Bloom (Lafayette, Ind., U.S.A.)

Dear Bob,

USA L&H DVD rights have been licensed by RHI to a company named Genius Products, the same people responsible for the Our Gang DVD, about which much has been written. We are waiting to see what Genius is going to do about L&H, if anything. They do realize now (too late) that mistakes were made issuing the Our Gang DVD, so that if they go ahead with L&H they have much hard work ahead. To clarify, the problem is not with RHI at this point, so you need not bother petitioning them. If you want to see a L&H DVD in America, you could make your wishes known to Genius. Those whom I have met with there are nice people, and I hope they will do the right thing. The person in charge on the Our Gang DVD has left the company, possibly a hopeful sign.



Can anyone tell me which film has Nola by Felix Arndt playing in the background, as I would love to see the clip!Thankyou!!!

ali (uk)


June, 20th 2009

Busy Bodies, Double Whoopie, Hog Wild, Dirty Work, The Finishing Touch, The Music Box, Hats Off... I could go on, and it goes without saying that I am a huge fan of Laurel and Hardy. One thing I am sure of, as time goes by, Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy will still capture the hearts of the World over with their comedy even when others have been forgotten they shall never be.

M Vaughan Griffiths (Anglesey, Wales)

Hi to all fans of the kings of slapstick. Can anyone enlighten me as to which film Stan and Ollie are blackmailed into breaking into the police commissioners house over a high garden wall? The antics of the guys was pure magic!!

David Hughes (England Crewe)

That would be NIGHT OWLS. And if you want to see the modified version they made in Spanish, get hold of LADRONES.

Regards, Richard

Hi all !
I'm looking for french subtitles for "The Music Box" 1932 and "Swiss Miss" 1938. Could someone send them to me ! Please ! Thanks in advance !

Feymond (Switzerland)


June, 19th 2009

I absoluteley adore laurel and hardy but the collectors boxset is just too much money at £200.

Richard (birmingham england)

Try HMV (Ipswich) for the last 4 months the have been knockin out the box set for $50,I\'m gutted i paid $100 for it last year

guy (england)


June, 17th 2009

Hello fellow Laurel & Hardy fanatics,

I am in the US and I'm looking for the most complete collection of their shorts, specifically the ones from Hal Roach Studios. I remember watching them on Saturday mornings I think on the TCM channel. Where can I purchase a DVD collection containing all of these memorable films? I see there is a 21 disk collector set but for some odd reason is only offered in Region 2 format. Thanks for any help!

Best Regards,


June, 16th 2009


ian snee (dundee scotland)


June, 13th 2009

To all fans out there, if you are in the uk between the 1st july 2009 and the 18th july 2009. there is a Laurel & Hardy play, showing in the Jermyn Street theatre, london just off piccadilly london, I went to see this when it toured the S/E of england. I would highly recommend it. The 2 actors who play Laurel & Hardy are by far the best representation I have ever seen. It was like watching the real Laurel & Hardy in the flesh.

You can get tickets via : or tel : +44 2072872875

The play is set as Laurel & Hardy are trapped between this world and the next, Stan & Oliver pass their time in limbo, reprising old comedy routines, swapping gags, bickering and making up. they will only earn their passage to the other side by undertaking an emotional journey through their personal lives and screen careers: But are they prepared to re-live the bad times as well as the good?

If you do go enjoy!!!

chris austin (UK London)


June, 7th 2009

I have loved Laural and Hardy since I was a child. I have seen most of their film and shorts and have always found them funny. My favourite feature film by them would have to be "Way Out West" and favouriite short by them is "The Music Box".

John Welles

June, 5th 2009

i have for as long as i can remember been a fan of stan and ollies, and so too are my daughters, and i hope their children. these two giants of comedy are owed so much by the world of comedy, and their obvious respect and love for each other is a shining example to us all. i would give my right arm to have been given the chance just to talk to them and tell them personally how much i love and admire them. long let their memory live on.

richard (wales)

Does anyone know which short or film has the gag when Stan wriggles his ears? Thanks!
Ivan (Hungary)

Stan Laurel wiggles his ears most prominently in A CHUMP AT OXFORD.

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