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October, 31st 2009

hi all fans
just been cleaning loft out and come across some of my old video's 11 in total by the Hal Roach library all in colour. if anyone interested email me and will give you all the titles

have a good haloween

chris whittaker (uk)

Hi fans, I have just equired a movie poster of Laurel & Hardy march of the wooden soldiers ( not mint ) but pretty close 1934. if anyone is interested in this please contact me. the poster goes to the highest bidder. thanks Karen

karen kincaid (toms river NJ)


October, 29th 2009

While singing some old barbershop songs with friends today, I was told that one of the songs we were singing, "I Don't Mind Being All Alone (When I'm All Alone With You)" was sung and danced to by L & H in one of their movies. Does anyone know which movie?

Jim Foy (USA Minneapolis MN)


October, 26th 2009

HI: In the movie, Sons of the Desert, there is a scene where a singer/dancer does a song entitled: "Honolulu Baby...Where Did You Get Those Eyes". Does anyone know the name of that singer/dancer. I can still hum the song....Thanx, Steve.

Steve Von Martz (USA-Delaware-Rehoboth Beach)


October, 21st 2009




October, 18th 2009

i love laurel and hardy there mint



October, 18th 2009

What is the name of the film where stan and ollie are in bed and they have a shotgun as they fear that a mad woman is going to murder them. Ollie sees his toes sticking out of the bed and shoots them with the shotgun.

alex elgin (edinburgh)

hi alex from edinburgh the film you are asking about is oliver the eighth what a gem of a short film

joe (ireland/waterford city)


October, 11th 2009

does anyone know where one can get hold of L&H scripts (especially for the shorts)? Cheers

Tunks (The Gambia)

Hi ya folks.
Laurel & Hardy films are part of my growing up. But, have I grown up? Seing them again is like returning to my younger days, sundays, one of the occasions when cinemas in Rio showed pass-time sessions in which L&H films were presented, with legends in Portuguese to us Brazilians. Here they were called "O gordo e o magro" that is: the fat and the skinny, pretty much within the spirit of the duo. To this day they are known as such. They are unforgetable and I hope many generations still may enjoy their silly things to the utmost. Perhaps a stairway to oblivion is better than no stairway, at all.
But, is it?
Let them teach us in their humorous ways...
Cheers and good desert hunting.

GALF (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)


October, 10th 2009

can anyone help me?? i'm looking for the name of the film in which stan kicks a woman in the behind and then gets slapped in the face by her, it was on the paul merton silent comedy programme and i have never laughed so much!!, thanks

debbie (scotland)

to debbie from scotland i think the one you r after is the music box where they r trying to get it up the big flight of steps.

mark parnaby (teesside)


October, 7th 2009

I read Stan Laurel's letters online and he mentions that Oliver Hardy had cancer at the time of his death. Does anybody know which type of cancer it was?

Mark (England)

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