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November, 28th 2009

MY christmas and Thanksgiving tradition..YULE LOG
Babes in Toyland..and some L&H shorts..thanks for keeping the Boys alive..
PS HOMER SIMPSON GOT DUH OH FROM JAMES FINNLAYSON.." put that in your pipe and smoke it..LOLOL

johnny (daytona fla usa)


November, 26th 2009

Here in New York they always ran Babes in Toyland right after the Macys Thanksgiving parade.i was looking forward to watching Babes in Toy land and was actually upset that after 25 yrs they stopped giving it due to them running a football special all day.. but its ok im goin to order a few dvds of laurel and hardy they are def a classical comedy i will always enjoy....

Helene (New York , United States)


November, 24th 2009

i wish the bbc would put all your films on because i never laughed so much that my sides split

anthony raymond purvin (united kingdom birmingham)


November, 20th 2009

Can someone please tell me what the tune is that is played quite often in their films and normaly follows in after "dance of the cookoos" and it goes something like this! da da da daa da daa, da da da daa, da da da daa da da da da da daa etc.

Yours Hopefully
Graham (dartford kent england)

To the person looking for the "da da da daa da daa..." etc. music - I believe it is called On To The Show - look for the CDs from the Beau Hunks, almost every bit of music ever made for L&H films - well worth tracking down. Hope this helps

Stuart (England)


November, 19th 2009

I'm trying to get hold on dvd of a L & H film. I don't know what it is called, but basically L & H go to a mans house and breaks his door bell, sot hte house owner breaks something on their car, which eventually results in the tit-for-tat destruction of the man's house and L & H's car. Any help would be most welcome

Greg (Milton Keynes)

The film you are looking for with the tit-for-tat destruction is Big Business - the last, and argueably the best of the L&H silents.

Stuart Wheeler (England, Slough)


November, 16th 2009

I would love to thank them for the compassion that they showed during such horrible times in our world's history. Much love to them!

Regina (United States of America)


November, 11th 2009

I really enjoy Hardy and Laurel! I was introduced to them today and they are my favorite comedians! I can't wait to see more of their shows! Woo Hoo!

Madison (USA)


November, 7th 2009

my uncle passed away last year and he really liked laurel and hardy and we played the theme tune when they wer taking him out the church. and i just wanted 2 say thank you for putting this show on because when ver 1 sen him he was always smiling and telling us to be quiet because he was watching your show.

Emily age 12 :)


November, 7th 2009

Hi everyone. I am 55 - my siblings and I would pull a big chair up to the TV on saturday morning, stare at the test pattern and wait for L&H to come on at 6 a.m. My favorites have always been the shorts. The movies just weren't suited for them. And to think I could have written Stan a letter and probably gotten an answer back in the early sixties. I hear people would visit him and his wife out in California. Anyway, I was wondering what the consensus opinion is as far as the best DVD collection of shorts. Is it the one with several volumes of 4 shorts each? BTW, I have two teenagers and turned them on to Laurel and Hardy years ago, along with the Beatles, Kinks, and other necessities. Take care all, and remember, "You can lead a horse to water, but a pencil must be lead." Have a great month of Nowonder!

Steve (Minneapolis USA)

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