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July, 26th 2010

I am trying to find information on any individuals with the surname of Bolling that lived on/near 3 Argyle Street in Ulverston in the late 1800's/early 1900's. My grandfather Warren Thomas Bolling was a neighbor of Stan Laurel and a playmate when they were children. My family lost all touch with our English relatives and we would like to trace the family again. Any information/documents/publications on that family would be most welcome. My father American father lost touch with his British father and never knew where he was buried. Maybe this will help us find his resting place. Thank you for any leads that you can provide to us

Sophia Frazier (Heltonville, IN USA)


July, 23rd 2010

Which film did they appear as Sherlock holmes or dressed as them.

Robert Price (RCT)


July, 21th 2010

The greatest ever

Noel Pullen (Australia)


July, 16th 2010

Can anyone recall the movie in which Hardy was employed as an avil salesman?

steve williams (Clarkston, MI ---USA)


July, 15th 2010

i love l&h i never knew they had a web site and i never knew that so many people lked them im a massive fan and like them am starting to get in to comady!

chantal (england)


July, 10th 2010

Im a massive fan of L & H and have been all my life, im looking for a short movie when they played there own wives, i can't find it anywhere and i don't know what its called.
I would be very greatful for some help. Thank you.

Roy (Somerset, England)

Is it Our Relations your talking about mate. There a few short movies they made when they play there own wives like "Blackmail" aswell and "Twice Two".

Hope this helps you mate.

Steve (Birkenhead, England).

Thank you for this site. Stan and Ollie have been in my life and my heart since i was a small child, im now 46. We will never see their like again, they will live forever in our hearts. In 200 years time people will be watching them push a piano up a flight of stairs and crying with laughter. Thank you boys for enhancing my life and bringing joy in the dark times. You just have to see Stans smile and Ollies tie twiddle and all your problems are forgotten. Does anyone know if a film is still in the pipeline? "Hard boiled eggs and nuts, hummph! "

Regards Lee Copson (Leicester, England)


July, 11th 2010

my grandfather william mclean walker was a good friend of stan laurel and were on the english stage togather and i have origional signed photos of them togher

stuart m.baird (calumet mi)


July, 10th 2010

Madness! Will they ever be matched?

Matti (Helsinki)


July, 6th 2010

I am looking for a life size figerine of Laurel and Hardy. I saw one at an antigue store recently of just Hardy and it wasn't in very good shape. Any one know where I can look.

They were great!

ernest angell (Frederick, MD, USA)


July, 1st 2010

what a fantastic site. my friends and i have regular l&h nights and we really cry laughing we are all work friends of various ages me being youngest at 38. we do have a younger generation at are work plade so we will strive prove to them where real comedy started
will keep you posted

goodbye goodnight

paul platt (liverpool england)

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