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November 30th 2010

Footage of the money sketch in Mr. Men. "Is that the money, that I gave you to give to her?..... What year was this sketch and is the sketch available anywhere on DVD or other media? Thanks.

Vincent (Galway, Ireland)


November 28th 2010

I have two large, light-weight Laurel and Hardy 'masks' which fit over your head and set on your shoulders. Purchased many years ago in an antique shop - there are NO markings on them so I have no idea of when or where they were made. They are NOT made of paper mache - but of a light-weight, thin plastic? or inflexible vinyl. I have photos of them - I would like to SELL them to an appreciative collector or Laurel and Hardy lover. I also have NO idea of their value. Can anyone HELP ME?

Thank you, Carol (Oregon)


November 24th 2010

love these guy's simply unique,my fave part of all there film's ,the one where stan is pulling ollie up in a block and tackle,pull's him to almost the top then stan say,s "hang on while i spit on me hands .....just timeless....

cliff m (united kingdom)


November 23rd 2010

Does anybody know if a remake of laurel and hardy film possibly with Robbie Coltrane and Robert Carlisle is being made or being considered

Ivan frame (UK)

The pirst step towards getting RHI/Genuis Products (the American owner of the Hal Roach films) towards releasing the shorts & features of Laurel & Hardy circa 1927-1938 fully restored to the way they first appeared, remastred from original nitrate UCLA negatives & prints & completely uncut & mastered in High Definition on several 2-DVD volumes in the USA, is having Public Television air these films (using the restorations that are currently available only on UK region 2 PAL DVDs).
I shall email my local PBS stations & encourage them to show L&H movies, thus exposing them to a new generation of fans, uncut & uncolorised.

Joseph Horowitz (Portsmouth, NH, USA)


November 21st 2010

In 'Big Business' i noticed a very funny incident and i'm almost sure that it wasn't on purpose.When Stan and Ollie reaching their next stop,Ollie SLIPPED when he gets out of the car.It seems to me like an accident during the film and not on purpose.If anyone knows something about that,please tell me....By the way:they can go a few steps for the next door.Instead,they decide to drive a few meters.

Leor Leon (Israel)


November 18th 2010

I have always enjoyed Laurel & Hardy thru all my years (I am now 70). I did not realize they had made so many films many of which I have not heard the titles of. I have a small collection of their films and am wondering if there is anyplace where all their films are in one set of DVD's or other format. Just found this website and appreciate having it available.

Sherwood Sage (US/Mukilteo)


November 10th 2010

I have all dvds of laurel and hardy looking for pictures and plates or anything collectable

Sarah helenslade (Dorset weymouth)


November 9th 2010

Question:"Honolulu Baby"-in what film the boys are visiting Honolulu?

Leor Leon (Israel)

I think In Sons Of The Desert They were "supposed" to be going to Honolulu but instead went to the Sons of the Desert Convention and the ship from Honolulu sunk with the wives thinking they went down with the ship The song Honolulu Baby was performed at the convention And was also in a Little Rascals follies

SoulCat (USA NJ)

SoulCat,a perfect answer. Leor Leon (Israel)


November 7th 2010

I miss all thesae great movies. They have a sense of comedy, that is missed in todays movies. They should be shown to every youngster, to show them that people can make movies, without four letter words.

carson (california, usa)


November 3rd 2010

I was looking in the album book here on the site and came across what you call Babes In Toyland. But the correct title is March Of The Wooden Soldiers. I have been watching that film every year when it used to come on TV when I was a little girl. Now my daughter had the chance to watch it too because we have the video of it.

Keeah (USA)

Dear Keeah,
Sorry to tell you the correct title, the original title when the film was made and issued to theaters around the world, was in fact BABES IN TOYLAND. The title you cite was a replacement, inauthentic re-release title used at a time when a remake was in the works and the producer of the next version did not wish to compete with the Hal Roach version in reissue. We are happy to see it whatever title is used, and no doubt your daughter will be grateful that you introduced this wonderful film to her.
Regards, Richard


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