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July 29th 2011

my claim to fame is that i once shook hands with Hardy and Laurel pated me on the head It was at the Empress Brixton London it was then a music hall it was in the 1950s thay were in the foyer as we came out after the show.ithink i was about 9 years of age i am now 69, I have all there films i go into fits of laughter even now when i watch

michael lovely


July 28th 2011

What is the name of the L&H short in which they get in a fender bender and it escalates to piece by piece LH and the other driver destroying each other's cars?

Bud Zinovic


July 24th 2011

Dear friends,

I am writing as an Ulverston resident to let you know that Ulverston is under severe threat from a planning application to build an enormous superstore on the site of the Old Brewery, and surrouding houses, many of which they would knock down.

Those who are extremely concerned about the town and its impact on both our lives as residents, and the experiences of our friends from around the world who come to visit the town, have got together and are currently battling the proposals.

Our website, where you can find all the facts, is:




July 12th 2011

trying to find download for the trail of the lonesome pine please help

adam gibson (milton keynes)


July 7th 2011

Hi Everyone, for those who may be interested in Stan's early career my website has some information and also lots of news about Khaotic! The Fred Karno Story, a musical based on his life - oh and you can see when Stan met Fred too! Thank heaven for you tube - keep up the good work guys! Enjoy!

Crumpy (Lichfield Staffordshire)


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