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January 29th 2012

I love Laurel and Hardy beucase they are the best!

Stefan Becheanu (Romania/Bucharest)


January 28th 2012

Good evening dear friends,
Italian television tonight broadcast a film of S & O.
I came an uncontrollable feeling of nostalgia.
Since I'm going through a bad period on which I prefer to fly, I'm surprised myself, find myself laughing watching TV, more than I did when I was 8.
Now that I have 40 more, I promised my daughter that I will take this summer in California.
She has never seen S & O, is 16 old and she will never understand these my love.
But I would like to take advantage of the trip to Los Angeles, to visit the places of my heroes forever.
The houses where they lived, the studios, the places where they turned the scenes, where they are buried ...

Can anyone help me?
Ciao, Ugo (Roma, Italia)


January 24th 2012

laurel & hardy are one of the best comedy duo's ever they may be gone still no one comes near them if your having a bad day just put on a laurel & hardy video they will put a smile back on your face.
Thanks for the laughs!!!!

Paul (Ireland)


January 24th 2012

I love stan laurel and oliver hardy. In my idea they're the best.they're best actors and I whatched tv beause of them.
I love u for ever.............

mohsen izadi (islamic republic of Iran)


January 23rd 2012

Well im a HUGE fan of laurel and hardy i got the HOLE collection have you seen the videowhere stan and oliver were dancing as christmas eves

Emily (Wales)

Which film does Stan say "A myth is a moth's sister"?
The quote is attributed to Stan at the new 'Comedy Carpet' art installation in Blackpool, which also quotes a few other L & H films.

Alex (Blackpool UK)


January 19th 2012

As fans of Laurel & Hardy, we had the honor of driving Mr. John McCabe back in the 1980's to a sons of the Desert meeting in New York. What was the name of the book he wrote
about Laurel & Hardy? We have two statues of the boys on the living room wall looking down at us as we watch their movies. They were truly great masters of comedy! Their films are timeless.

Valerie and David Schultz (Crystal, Maine USA)


January 18th 2012

Happy Birthday Ollie, no one made the world laugh like u and continue to do so...Here's another fine mess you got me into....LONG LIVE OLLIE

Eric Weinstein (New York)

120 Years Back On This Day Oliver Hardy Was Born HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIR You Will Be Remembered till i die

Lawrence Nathaniel Dawson (India Karnataka Bangalore)

what can I say? they ARE the best still now. Love you two men!

Alessandro Alfonso Ginesi (Italy - Genova)


January 13th 2012

i love laurel and hardy i watch them all the time i think they are real funny! i love them! xxx

georgia (england birmingham)


January 11th 2012

I've been a fan of "the boys" ever since I was a kid. Their routines are timeless.

Russ Huber (USA / Santa Barbara, CA)


January 9th 2012

What's the background music to most films called?

Ian Marshall

Ian Marshall - the Laurel & Hardy theme music is called the cuckoo song.



January 8th 2012

I just loved to watch those 2 charactors. They always made my day goofy. It seems I was glad to have them a part of my life.



January 7th 2012

ich liebe die beiden [I love these two]
Greetings from Germany

Christian B. (Regensburg)


January 4th 2012

Does anyone know if the Laurel and Hardy silent shorts have ever been put on DVD? I have all the talkie shorts and feature length films, but I cannot find the silent shorts. Thanks very much. Long live L&H!

Matt Rowe (USA)

1) dentist
2) laughing gas
3) laughter
4) car
5) collision

please I need the title
King regards

Marco Boschi (Italy/Padova)

Marco Boschi, I think the title is Leave 'em laughing.

Sam McCormack (England)


January 2nd 2012

We never forget!!

Adrian (Romania)

Laurel and hardy are the best two funny men in the world and always will be... I love em to pieces and wish they were still with us.

Martin Neal (England)


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