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April 30th 2012

How fond are the memories of this dynamic comedy team...imitated but never replaced!

Spencer Deal (Pea Ridge AR)


April 27th 2012

My all time favorite comedy act. I even have a handwritten letter from Stan thanking me for being a fan. They are the quality comedy we seldom see today, comedy that we can share with our Grandchildren without worrying about content.

Eric Kjelstrom (Valparaiso, in.)


aravind saikumar (chennai)


April 23rd 2012

Bring Back Laurel and Hardy to UK Television.

You can sign the e-petition at:

Spread the word........



April 18th 2012

Is the lake named after The Boys still there in Culver City where the Roach Studios were once located? If so, any ideas exactly where? It's always fun to look up Stan and Ollie when I'm out in So Cal.

Mike Moses (Mike Moses)


April 15th 2012

I was going through some family movies from my grandfather and I cam across a 16mm reel of film entitled Right Dress the box indicates that it is a Laurel and HArdy movie. I can't seem to find it on any list. Was there such a film or short film. the Box has no date but it is by Kodak Cinegraph. Is this a lost film?

steven mayo (NY)

Dear Steven,

What you have is an abridgement of WITH LOVE AND HISSES, and I suspect that while it is only a cut-down version, the quality ought to be quite good.

Regards, Richard


April 11th 2012

Wasn't there a L & H short where Stan was in jail and some rough character plagued him with the "Niagara Falls" routine? Any one out there know if this is accurate, and if so, which short was it in?

Chris van Laer (Butte, Montana)

Chris I think that's 'Pardon us' but i'm not shure.

Johan Amssoms (Belgium)

The greatest comedians of all time.Thank you Stan, thank you Oliver!

Soare Costi (Romania)


April 1st 2012

i love watching laurel&hardy makes me laugh when i am down in the dumps, bless them.

mike (ireland)

i bought the L & H boxset recently with all feature films & all the shorts included there was one feafure film missing atol k which was the last film they ever made does any one know why it was not included and where it can be bought, thanks

paul (ireland/louth)

Atoll K was L & H last film and although I love them I've never watched this film as it is supposed to be terrible and I'd rather remember them at their best.
The production was awful; Stan was ill during filming; nobody working on the film had any real idea what they were doing.
It was also called Utopia.

Harry (Richmond)

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