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January 28th 2011

I think one of the greatest Laurel and Hardy masterpieces is hidden away in their often unnoticed and obscure short film... "TWICE TWO"

Ingenious and hilarious!
And not given the historical credit it deserves...
since it's one the earliest historical films depicting MEN IN DRAG!

Absolutely brilliant...if you can find it!

Steven Cohen (New York, NY)


January 27th 2011

I have been watching the laurel and hardy 21 disc boxset and its the greatest christmas present ever..laurel and hardy are the best

lisa dunbar (belfast)


January 26th 2011

Just watched a marathon of L&H movies on TCM. Brings back so many happy memories of watching those movies with my father. Watching that genius pair together, I see so many similarities with Stan and Ollie, compared to Gilligan and Skipper, or other comedy duo's. Stan and Ollie are THE BEST comedy duo the world has ever seen.

Steve F. (Woodstock, Canada)

hi i have been a fan of laurel hardy for many years,i have been told that laurel hardy did not do many autographs but i think they did, i would like to own one if there is any body out there who has got one,top prices paid.

barry davies (united kingdom birmingham)


January 22nd 2011

I was born in Cleveland, Ohio. Laurel and Hardy were on television all the time back in the 50's. I have been a fan all my life. I'm glad to see this website, and their timeless comedy remembered.

Ralph Dietz (Shelbyville, Tn.)

I absolutely adore Stan and Ollie. They brought colour into a black and white world. I was just wondering if any movies about them are in the pipeline anywhere? I'm sure it would be a box office smash.

Terry Zeverona (Liverpool)


January 19th 2011

Just Heard 'The Rogue Song' Soundtrack - It Brought Back Memories Of Watching "Bill Kennedy At The Movies", I'm Pretty Sure He Showed This 'Lost Film'. Just Have To Check With His Old Station...

Chuck (Michigan)

Laurel and Hardy were among the Greatest. Thanks, VL Richard


January 18th 2011

could someone please tell me where i can find the laurel and hardy movie way out west to purchase

wanda greer (usa)


January 13th 2011

I just watched Pardon Us from yesterday's marathon and loved it. I saw some films I have never seen.

carol (baltimore)

My maternal grandmother, Agnes O'Malley Marx, was a press agent for Hal Roach Studios back in the late 20's, early 30's. I have a studio photograph of Laurel & Hardy in pilgrim attire that they both autographed to my grandmother! I also have a photo of "Our Gang" WITH my grandmother! Such precious memories of a golden time.

Amanda Kanzler (New York, NY USA)

were they Laurel & Hardy ever married, I so enjoy watching these old movies. thank you

GeeGee (USA/Maine)

the best!

ken roth jr. (west allis, u.s.)

After watching Oliver's scenes in "The Fighting Kentuckian",a film made when his health was clearly in decline, I wondered if he was able to ride a horse and if he had ridden regurlarly in real life,since he appears to have some riding skills in the film in shots where a stunt-double couldn't be present. Does anyone know ((there's nothing in any biographical works that I've read).

John Hardman (United Kingdom)

BOOk-The Films of Laurel and Hardy By William K,Everson Cadillac Publishing Co (1967)

Bob (USA)


January 12th 2011

Come on RHI/Hallmark or whoever it is that is holding up the release of DVD/BluRay editions of their Hal Roach movies! I'm tired of waiting for releases like Kino has done for Keaton or the Universal UK 21 disc box set. What gives?!?!? Even in this bad economy I would buy a set, but I WILL NOT WASTE my money on crap releases which is what we currently have in the USA. I'm writing this while watching the January 2011 TCM marathon. Surely they would make a lot of money issuing these releases so why haven't they done it? Are they really making more money by not releasing them? Doesn't make sense to me. I would think Kino would jump all over this if give! n the legal releases to do so (though I don't know if or how they would handle royalties). Tired of waiting for those DVDs...

Walter Brown

I've been watching the marathon on TCM all day. Funny!!! What a team, gotta love them boys!!!



January 11th 2011

I own fiberglass almost life sized liknesses of both gentlemen. They are in mint condition. Would you like to purchase or broker them.I bought the them when Hornes department store liquidated all of there display items at auction decades ago.

Jack Miller (Pittsburgh, Pa.. USA)


January 7th 2011

I am trying to find the Laurel and Hardy film that contains the following quote "its so dark in here i can hardly hear you" can anyone help please.

Charlie Whitehouse (Wolverhampton)

I do hope you don't mind my posting on here ? I have a pair of Laurel and Hardy heads..... well pots really, made by Flesh Pots of Stoke on Trent in the 1960's I believe. I have been unable to find any similar ones for sale and have listed them on Ebay UK (see link below) as I am moving soon. I was not sure what information a collector would want but think I have covered most details. I would be very grateful though if you have any further suggestions or advice. Many thanks for taking the time to read this.
Best wishes, Tess
RARE LAUREL & HARDY HEAD POTS 'FLESH POTS' COLLECTABLE on eBay (end time 12-Jan-11 20:52:12 GMT)

Tess (UK)


January 2nd 2011

I like Stan and ollie also i hope i will get the collection

has (england)


January 1st 2011

where can I get a copy of Babes in Toy Land? I love this film it was shown on TV every year at Thanksgiving. I would love to show this to my kids.

julie (columbus,mississippi)

To Julie from Columbus, Ohio...
who loved watching Laurel and Hardy's "Babes in Toyland" every year on TV during Thanksgiving and Christmas... as I did, too-
It is also titled "March of the Wooden Soldiers"
Look for it under that more popular name!

Steven Cohen (New York, NY)

I know there is the extensive boxed collection of L&H DVDs available in Europe, but does one exist formatted for the USA? In Blu Ray format?

Sean (Los Angeles)


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