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August 27th 2011

Does anyone have any experience dealing with Heritage (in Dallas) for auctions of movie memorabilia - lobby cards, posters, B&W stills? Would appreciate any feedback. Thanks.

Joan (USA)


August 26th 2011

I've been hearing rumors lately that the upcoming LAUREL AND HARDY DVD set will have the "European" version of LAUGHING GRAVE rather than the standard USA version. While as a youngster, I always disliked the idea of Charlie Hall supposedly killing himself rather than be quaranteened with Laurel and Hardy, the original version ought to be used. Any chance that BOTH versions (ala A CHUMP AT OXFORD) could be included in the set?



August 24th 2011

I have a figurein of laurel and hardy bout 10/15 inches, it has an 1/D3829 on bottom, i want to sell, how do i go about it and how much is it worth, i was given it by a close friend. many thanks,

Natalie (Woodley, Reading, Berkshire, England)


August 23rd 2011

This may well be a completely financially un-viable idea (I have a thousand overdrafts to prove that numbers are most certainly NOT my strongpoint!), but does anyone else think it might be a good thing if us regular visitors to this site had a forum on this site where we could discuss Laurel and Hardy and their work?
There are many times when I come on here and see a question I'm keen to answer (and a few I'm keen to ask, of course!) regarding the Boys and their ageless work; and there is a definite Laurel & Hardy shaped void on the internet where a forum should be! It would be great to converse with fellow fans of all ages and from all countries about Stan, Ollie, Mae, and the rest of the gang who have enriched our lives so much and so often.
I for one would be more than willing to devote my spare time to helping to moderate the forum etc, as I'm sure many other regular visitors to this site would be.
What does everyone (including the site owners, of course!)think?

Mick Bradley (Staffordshire, England)

Dear Mick,
thank you for your idea. This website focuses on information about Laurel & Hardy, whereas the Laurel & Hardy Forum at pretty much covers what you suggest.

The L&H Website Team


August 21st 2011

I am really looking forward to see Laurel & Hardy in blue ray quality. It is quitte surprising no outakes of their films survived. I am wondering what the family has in their own archives. The British Film Institute (BFI) has a huge catalogue of archive material excellent preserved. Material like this should be included on new dvd's.

Johnny (Oss)

I wonder if someone can help me track down a scene please.

It was dinner and L&H were around a table (with wives?) trying to eat but could not manage it, as soon as they were about to put a forkful in their mouths someone would ask for salt or pepper or to pass something around. This went on for a bit and always made us laugh as a family.

It turned into a family ritual for us but I can't track down the movie or scene anywhere.

If someone could help I'd be very grateful!

Many thanks

Steve (UK)

Laurel and hardy are my all time favorite comedy actors who have made me laugh hard from when i was a small boy. Its true what they say they dont make them like they used to.

Mark (Liverpool, UK)


August 18th 2011

The stress, the worries, and the fears and concerns everyone has within their daily life. It's another fine mess we've all gotten ourselves into. We all need a good laugh. If you take the time out in observing the Laurel And Hardy Films, you notice that they too have gone through their strifes and struggles. From the trouble of delivering a musical piano up a long flight of stairs, only to have their problems go downhill. Laurel and Hardy have always been the best of friends, but even sometimes when things go wrong, and they argue, they do manage to get back together to clean up their fine messes in life.
It seems that we tend to get into trouble and fall on tought times, but even those two managed to survive the great freeze of 1929 by performing in the streets. Life is uncertain and we all struggle to get by, and even in these tough financial times, we could all use a dose of laughter. And with Laurel and Hardy being the perscribers, you know that the only pain you'll experience is from all the hard laughing you're doing. So what are you waiting for, just pack up your troubles and enjoy the ride as you watch the classic Laurel and Hardy Films.



August 17th 2011

I have my own L&H Collection Box which you guys already know what it looks like...but is there anything films missing in the collection? Ex. Lucky Dog and Devil's Brother. I already have couple dvds such as Flying Deuces and collections of silent films. Just list everything you know, so i can collect it...

Biggest L&H Fan, Zack (Canada)


August 15th 2011

I've just found an old 8mm cine film Laurel & Hardy, called Chippy Chumps. Can't find it in any film directories. Anyone heard of it?

SeaSoul (UK)


August 13th 2011

The movie Double Dhamaal(2011) recreates the "egg in the mouth" routine from L&H's, The Live Ghost(1934) in its entirety. No doubt, fans should be interested!

Glenn Szymanski (United States/Atlantic Highlands)

what film is it with the cathphrise do something to help me in ?

david halford (david halford)


August 8th 2011

can anyone tell me where to find a picture of stan answering phone - pensylvania long distance ......

glynn (england)


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